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Construction of what is reported to be the next ‘world’s biggest indoor snow slope’ is reported to be underway in China at a location south of the capital, Beijing.

Little information has published about the project, and certainly not its vital statistics to back up the ‘world’s biggest’ claim, but according to website China Daily the project was originally mooted and approved in early 2009 and construction is expected to take between 18 and 22 months – suggesting a late 2016 opening date.

The slope is reported to be being built in Yongqing, an area of forestry, hot springs area and parkland south of Beijing that is seem as a major growth area with a new high speed road connection meaning it is only 30 minutes from central Beijing as well as proximity to one of the Chinese capital’s airports.

The US$430 million project site is located next to the Mr Parker Villa Development and is also due to include a space station simulator, a business centre, convention centre, spa and hotel.

Skiing and snowboarding is popular in Beijing which has more than a dozen small urban ski centres although these have proved controversial due to their heavy use of water for snowmaking in a city in the midst of a multi-year drought.

The city also already has an indoor snow centre, Qiaobo Ice and Snow World, which opened a decade ago in 2005 so the second slope would make it the first since Tokyo, 20 years ago, to operate two centres.

Currently the longest indoor slope in the world is the 620m long run at Amneville in NE France although SnowWorld Landgraaf in The Netherlands has a larger snow slope area.

Another indoor snow slope under construction near Harbin in NE China is also claiming it will be the world’s largest.

Previously Chinese developers announced plans to build a 1km long indoor snow slope, but that was prior to the 2008 worldwide economic crash.

The current Qiaobo centre is already pretty massive, there must be a serious number of fridge kids in Yongqing to warrant adding the world's biggest centre down the road...

10th anniversary of Ski Dubai
Posted Thursday 30th April 2015, 7:56 pm by Todd Grady
Ski Dubai will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The Middle East's first ‘indoor ski resort’ has clocked up more than 8 million visitors since it opened, giving people the opportunity to touch real snow in the desert.

The centre is located within the Mall of the Emirates, described as the region's first shopping resort and entertainment centre which itself has received more than 300 million visitors and now contains 590 stores featuring international, regional and local brands, making it one of the world’s largest malls.

Mall of the Emirates will mark its 10th anniversary with the completion of Evolution 2015, a major redevelopment and expansion project that will include a series of new shopping, entertainment and dining concepts.

Founded in 1992, Ski Dubai’s owners Majid Al Futtaim is the leading shopping mall, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East and North Africa, currently working on Ski Egypt, Africa’s first indoor snow centre.

The company now employs 27,000 people and operates 17 shopping malls, 11 hotels and three mixed-use communities in the region.

World’s biggest indoor snow slope planned for Shanghai
Posted Sunday 8th March 2015, 12:51 pm by Todd Grady
International property company Kop Properties have announced plans for Winterland Shanghai, an 18 hectare development which will include the world’s longest indoor ski trail yet – although exactly how long that will be is yet to be published.

According to the company’s website, the complex will provide,“…residents and visitors with year-round access to winter sports activities, ice sculpture competitions and more. The facility will feature a ski-in / ski-out chalet-style hotel that will bring the slopes right to guests’ doorsteps. Winterland Shanghai will be a live, work, play community with a monorail, gardens, retail, and food and beverage space as well as an ultra-modern full entertainment centre with a 4-D theatre offering movies, theatrical shows and concerts.”

In a profile on the executive chairman of the Singapore-based developer, Ong Chih Ching, Forbes Asia say the project is due to be completed in 2018.

Shanghai was home to one of the world’s largest indoor ski slopes, LongZhu Hokkaido Shanghai Dashung Indoor Snow, which had a 380m long, 80m wide slope, making it the fifth largest ever built, but it closed in 2009 for “six months refurbishment” and has not re-opened.

Prior to the global economic slump in 2008, China and various countries in the Middle East were outdoing each other on claims of indoor snow projects that included slopes respectively 1km and 2km long. Currently the world’s longest slope is Germany’s Alpincentre which is 640 metres long.

Another year round indoor ski slope proposed for Texas
Posted Monday 23rd February 2015, 12:02 pm by Todd Grady
The latest in more than 20 years of proposals for indoor snow centres in Texas has been announced, but this one has some big names in the leisure, indoor snow and entertainments industry behind it.

"DreamVision Mountain, Dreamscape, Texas" in Fort Worth would be built on a 5,000 acre site in the Fort Worth area by 2020. One report says the complex has a $3.5 billion price tag – very close to the money spent on the 15 year old project in New Jersey, currently called American Dream, previously Meadowlands Xanadu, a ‘lifestyle mall’ which incorporates North America’s first indoor snow slope – built more than five years ago but yet to open (

Centred on an indoor snow resort, the DreamVision Mountain facility will also include shops, restaurants, theatres, areas themed on New York City and on Hollywood as well as a "wild west experience.”

The project comes from multi-media entertainment company DreamVision, which include former Disney executives on its board and also includes Malcolm Clulow on the team, the man behind the Acer Snowmec company which for the past 25 years has been behind many of the world’s existing indoor snow centres, including Ski Dubai and centres in the UK, Far East and Madrid, Spain.

We've been promised a lot by US centres in the past, and they are yet to deliver...

Indoor ski jumping in Boston, 1937
Posted Monday 16th February 2015, 8:53 am by Dunx
Long before Tamworth SnowDome in the UK, Boston USA was at the vanguard of indoor skiing. Inspired by a trip to a fish market, where the day’s catches were kept fresh atop mounds of glittering ice, Walter Brown ordered a towering ski hill, artificial snow and all, to be constructed inside Boston Garden in December 1935.

"The next thing we shall hear," noted a British Pathe correspondent in a newsreel featuring one Garden ski exhibition a couple of years later, "is the America’s Cup is being run in a tank!"

Thus were the early days of the Garden’s long-successful Winter Sports Carnival, the highlight of which featured Brown’s mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind ski slope, the top kissing the rafters high above a steeply pitched end balcony. The 77-year-old Pathe clip shows one skier tucking down to keep his head from scraping the fifth-story ceiling prior to his dash down Mount Brown.

Adhering to the day’s fashion standards, men barreled down the hill in snazzy sweaters, dress shirts, and ties. Helmets? Please. The skiers were a sturdy stock, sometimes ending their runs by wiping out in a mound of hay some 220 feet from the start line. Those who carried torches on their runs (true story) were careful to avoid burnin’ down the house.

When indoor skiing came to the Garden in 1935, part of the marvel was the snow maker itself. Garden personnel fashioned a bigger version of the ice chipping machine Brown saw in the fish market. Globe correspondent T.D. Thornton noted in a 2007 story, per details in a 1936 report in Time Magazine, that "spectators were spellbound" to see 50-pound chunks of ice turned into "glittering, precious snow."

Australia ventured into indoor skiing on a large scale before anyone, opening its Snowdome in Adelaide in 1987 (formerly Mount Thebarton), only to close its doors in 2005 because of soaring operating costs. The United Kingdom has had some luck with sites in Scotland and England, and there's plenty of others on mainland Europe.

New Jersey has tried to enter the indoor ski game with its Orwellian-like Xanadu project in East Rutherford, dating to 2003. But it’s a mess in progress. Some of the never-ending construction project can be spotted from the New Jersey Turnpike. State politics haven’t helped. There’s some hope on the slope for a fall 2016 start, but no one’s waxing skis quite yet.

[From: Boston Globe]

Indoor snow centre proposed for Texas
Posted Saturday 8th November 2014, 8:52 am by Todd Grady
The City of Grand Prairie in Texas has announced that a company called Grand Alps Resort and Hard Rock International are planning to construct a $140 million, 350,000-square-foot ski facility and a $75 million Hard Rock Hotel on land north of the I-30 in Grand Prairie.

The indoor snow slope will be 90m high and around 350m long and will include an indoor ice climbing wall, luge track and winter wonderland play area.

“Plans include a hotel containing 300 rooms, 28,000 square feet of open meeting space, 20,000 square feet of divisible meeting space, at least two restaurants, an exercise facility, luxury spa facilities, resort style rooftop pool complex, and structured parking,” said a statement from Grand Prarie.

The developer plans to build a second hotel of comparable quality or expand the existing hotel by 300 rooms within two years of initial opening of first hotel.

The city is giving the developer the land and various financial incentives for up to 10 years after opening.

The developer aims to break ground in the first quarter of 2015, although that depends on full financing being achieved. A three year construction project would then lead to opening in 2018.

Dozens of indoor snow centres have been proposed for the US over the last 30 years and one has been built, six years ago, at the yet-to-open American Dream complex in New Jersey.

The only indoor snow area currently open in the Americas is in Brazil.

Ski Egypt moves forward
Posted Monday 15th September 2014, 5:43 pm by Todd Grady
Pictures have been published of progress being made on Ski Egypt, the new indoor snow centre for Egypt under construction by the Majid Al Futtaim group, the company behind Ski Dubai.

The new mall had suffered delays, reported to be in part due to the political uncertainty in Egypt in recent years, but the indoor slope is part of a giant mall with some 400 shops and covering more than 16 hectares, the construction of which continues to move forward. The project mirrors the Mall of the Emirates, home to Ski Dubai, which is one of the world’s biggest (if not the biggest) with over 500 shops.

The mall, will also contain cinemas and more than 50 restaurants, is being built as a joint venture between Egyptian company Orascom and Belgian conglomerate the Besix Group.

Ski Egypt was expected to open in 2015, but the opening date has now been put back to 2016.

Construction is under-way in the unlikely setting

Paris snow centre plans get media attention
Posted Friday 15th August 2014, 8:35 am by Todd Grady
Plans for an indoor snow centre in Paris by the Dutch SnowWorld group, first mooted several years ago and with more detail provide last autumn have suddenly reached the media of Paris and the wider world, with reports appearing in local newspapers and as far away as San Diego.

The project involves a €50 million indoor ski resort on a 230-metre high artificial hill at Elancourt in the French capital’s suburbs, on the western side of the city.

The centre would incorporate 22,000 square metres of snow surface with a slope 320m long and 100m wide, putting it firmly inside the world’s 10 largest facilities. Target visitor numbers would be 300,000 a year with a turnover of €17 million.

“The complex could lead to the creation of 200 jobs,” said local mayor Jean-Michel Fourgous, “This hill has not been exploited for 30 years. It’s a beautiful site, which given the elevation and relief, lends itself to sports.

However local opposition to the plans has been galvanised in a resident’s group “La Colline de la Revanche”(the hill of revenge) who say it will waste energy and destroy biodiversity on the site.

Snowworld operates two indoor ski-centres in the Netherlands, including one of the world’s three largest at Landgraaf, they also have plans for another centre in Barcelona. France has one existing indoor snow slope at Amneville close to the Belgian border in the North East of the country which is one of two claiming to be the world’s longest.

The first drawing of the proposed centre

World’s largest indoor snow centre yet to open in China in 2017
Posted Wednesday 9th July 2014, 8:38 am by ASC HQ
Construction work is reported to have begun on the world’s largest indoor ski slope yet is due to open in Harbin in North Eastern China, in 2017.

The $3.3 billion (US) ‘Cultural Tourism City’ will be the first indoor slope to offer a 100m vertical, and will have six separate slopes, say the Wanda group, a large Chinese corporation who are behind the project. The area and lengths of the slopes have not yet been published.

Located in Harbin’s Songbei district, "The town is expected to welcome 20 million visitors every year, and more than 10,000 jobs opportunities will be generated," Liu Ming, vice general manager of Harbin Wanda City Investment Co Ltd told China Daily.

Harbin has a population of 10 million people and attracts a further 20 million tourists. The Wanda Group is one of China and the world’s biggest companies and already runs conventional ski areas in China.

Other details so far published include a figure of 1,500 slope users at any one time with a capacity for the entire complex, which will also include an Olympic sized ice rink, theatre, shopping mall, four and five star hotels, restaurants and a large cinema complex, set at 50,000.

Companies working on the project include Britain’s Acer Snowmec Group and Patel Architecture.

American Dream confirms new opening date
Posted Monday 7th July 2014, 12:44 pm by ASC HQ
North America’s first indoor snow centre should open in late 2016 according to its new owners the Triple five Group.

American Dream Meadowlands was first proposed around 15 years and work on it began more than 12 years ago, with its indoor snow centre completed in 2008. However despite more than $2bn being spent it has never opened.

Three years ago the project was taken on by its third owners, Triple Five, who operate some of the world’s largest malls, but there has been little visible change to the site since then.

The company has new announced construction and ultimate completion is to recommence with the long list of existing attractions, including a giant big wheel and the indoor snow centre, now including a 20-story “drop ride” planned to be the world’s tallest. There will also be an ice rink, aquarium, indoor theme park, mini golf course, performing arts centre and around 400 shops. The unpopular initial exterior colour plan will go.

To help the project get re-started New Jersey has made a tax subsidy of $390 million, believed to be the largest ever awarded.

Meadowlands, or Xanadu, has been under constriction for 12 years, and doesn't grow prettier with age...

German ski hall sells snow
Posted Sunday 6th July 2014, 4:49 pm by ASC HQ
It’s not news that indoor snow centres sometimes supply snow to outside events and venues.
But the Jever Allrounder ski centre in Germany has gone further than most by putting snow up for sale on its website under a service called ‘Snow To Go.’

Prices range from a low of 35 Euros per cubic metre when purchasing at least 20 cubic metres during the spring or summer, 80 Euro Euros per cubic metre when purchasing less than 20 cubic metres of snow in the autumn or winter.

There is an additional charge for uploading the snow for transportation, at a year round flat rate of 50 Euros for up to five cubic metres, or 150 Euros for up to 50 cubic metres or 220 Euros for up to 100 cubic metres. Any volume over 100 cubic metres is charged at an extra Euro per cubic metre.

The price is for the snow only based on a ‘take away’ service. Although Allrounder does not offer deliveries itself, it does recommend a company called Glees + Auge ( which can offer refrigerated delivery.

Smallest indoor slope
Posted Monday 19th May 2014, 5:17 pm by Dunx
The Vuokatti Snow Tunnel is located in Finland and is probably the world's smallest indoor slope. Even better, it's snowboard only!

The snowboarding tunnel is only 50 meters long, with a 14 degrees angle and a half pipe inside of it. Snowboarders get up with a magic carpet. When the tunnel was built halfpipes were a lot smaller than the superpipes you see today, so the current slope is no longer very popular. They do have plans to enlarge the place though.

America’s first indoor snow slope gets its own name
Posted Sunday 13th April 2014, 9:29 pm by ASC HQ
Information on the 12 year old mega-mall in New Jersey, USA that has cost, according to some reports, towards $3 billion, but is yet to open, is surprisingly hard to find.

However, the latest updates to the complex’s website, reveal that the indoor snow centre which was completed in 2008, as part of the complex which was once called Xanadu Meadowlands, then Meadowlands Xanadu and now American Dream Meadowlands has now trademarked a name - Big Snow America.

The centre is being marketed as, “The first indoor ski and snowboard park in the Western Hemisphere,” which remains true in terms of its construction date, but the opening last autumn of Snowland in Brazil means it is not the first to open in the Americas.

The 12 storey high Big Snow America has an 180,000 square foot slope area and is 800 feet (240m) long, placing it around 20th biggest in the world.

The most recent reports (last year) indicated the facility might open late this year or in the first half of 2015 but around a dozen proposed opening dates have been missed and the centre is now on its third owners.

Will the New Jersey shore's white elephant finally live?

Skidôme Rucphen plans to nearly double slope length
Posted Saturday 12th April 2014, 12:57 pm by ASC HQ
Skidôme Rucphen in The Netherlands has announced plans to increase the length of its main slope (160m) by 100-150 metres within the next two years.

Rucphen, which has four slopes, is one of two indoor snow centres owned by Nicky Broos, the other at Terneuzen has two runs, the longest 220 metres in length. It was skiing the extra 70m or so of the Tereneuzen slope that convinced Broos he needs to extend Rucphen,

"When I ski in Terneuzen , I experience the feeling of winter,” he said, “The wind rushes past my ears and there’s a feeling of climax when you slide down the slope. When I had to admit that I prefer to ski in Terneuzen than Rucphen myself, I knew something had to be done."

"I am the pioneer in this field , I am the trendsetter, and when I myself must admit that the place where it all began , where my roots are , is not up to my own expectations .... that really hurts," added Broos.

A market study confirmed Broos’ own opinion, "They all say the same thing: Broos, it's not your business, not the atmosphere , not the amenities. It lies purely in the lack of metres. Only the truly experienced skiers get bored here too quickly, and that is the group who visit throughout the year who we have to thank for our existence."

Broos said he was surprised when the leading Dutch indoor snow centre operator Snow World announced it plans to take over a third centre SnowPlanet, strengthening its position as market leader.

"I have no problem with it," emphasized Broos . "In fact, when Snow World in went to the markets in 2013 I was one of the first to congratulate them. It may sound strange, but I felt myself a moment of pride for how far the sector has come and for my part in that.”

New plan for Polish indoor ski centre announced
Posted Thursday 6th March 2014, 2:58 pm by ASC HQ
A new plan for the first indoor snow centre in Poland has been announced.

So far there are limited details but the businessman Slawomir Rusinek is reported to wish to build the centre near the town of Wadowice, which was the birthplace of Pope John Paul II, himself a keen skier, in Poland’s Little Beskid Mountains (Beskid Maly).

The facility proposed by Rusinek's company would have similarities to the region’s nearest operational complex, the Snow Arena in Lithuania, in that it would feature a year round indoor slope with winter skiing outdoors too. Initial reports indicate the Polish facility would have more traditional outdoor terrain than the Lithuanian centre.

SnowWorld expand to three locations
Posted Monday 10th February 2014, 9:37 am by ASC HQ
The company that operates the largest indoor snow slope in the world (by area), SnowWorld Landgraaf in the Netherlands, and which also operate another Dutch indoor snow centre has recently announced plans to build more indoor snow centres in Barcelona and Paris, has now announced it intended to takeover SnowPlanet near Amsterdam, providing the company with a third location in the Netherlands.

“I am extremely happy with this takeover, because SnowWorld Amsterdam is a wonderful addition to our product and strategy. We are planning to create the same Austrian atmosphere which we already have in our domes in Zoetermeer and Landgraaf and expect to create a lot of synergy,” said SnowWorld CEO Koos Hendriks.

The Netherlands has more indoor snow centres than any other country in the world, with seven, and the 550m long slope at SnowWorld Landgraaf, complete with indoor six-seater chairlift and four star hotel on site, is around three times longer than the biggest British slope.

The park setup at SnowPlanet, soon to be SnowWorld

Go ahead for Bahrain indoor snow centre
Posted Monday 3rd February 2014, 9:54 am by Dunx
Bahrain’s Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi has told the Gulf Daily News that a long planned development of the Muharraq Grand Garden is to begin imminently.

The $53m (US) theme park that covers nearly 94 hectares is scheduled to include Bahrain's first indoor snow slope, along with an Olympic scale ice rink.

The project was due to have got underway in 2011 but local media reported the final go ahead was confirmed last autumn when two key investors signed an Agreement to progress the project.

The site for the development will also incorporate a three storey shopping mall, restaurants, convention centre, mosque, old people’s home and business centre and is located close to Bahrain International Airport.

Along with the snow slope and ice rink additional leisure attractions will include an indoor sports arena, fitness club and gym, outdoor sports grounds, an aquatic museum and a go karting track.
The project is due to be completed in mid-2016.

Architects hired to design Snow World Barcelona
Posted Sunday 2nd February 2014, 9:53 am by Dunx
Snow World Barcelona will take a big step forward in 2014 thanks to the commissioning of architects based in Spain to work on the design details of the project as it moves forward.

Snow World has run the successful indoor ski slopes of Landgraaf and Zoetermeer in The Netherlands for many years and the plans to expand were first announced several years ago and continue to make progress.

The plan for SnowWorld Barcelona includes a 300 metre ski slope, a nursery slope and a large fun park. Two ice-skating rinks are also planned. The complex will also include a variety of restaurants, meeting rooms, a fitness and wellness centre and a specialised winter sports shop. In addition, there will also be a hotel with 200 rooms.

"We are working diligently on our growth plans," said Koos Hendriks , CEO of Snow World.

"After years of searching we found in Barcelona a suitable location for the proposed indoor ski slope and now have Spanish architects under contract which will support the development of Snow World Barcelona."

The first draft of the new indoor ski slope was already completed , the architects will now work on the project in more detail so that the building permit can be obtained during 2014.

Majid Al Futtaim Group talks of ‘more Ski Dubais’
Posted Monday 6th January 2014, 1:02 pm by ASC HQ
In an interview with George Kostas, the CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Properties (MAF), he has said the company plans to build more ‘Ski Dubais’ around the idle East as part of an estimated $5bn (US) expansion plan over the next five years.

MAF is already building ‘Ski Egypt,’ as part of the Mall of Egypt in Cairo, which is due to open in 2016 – 11 years after Ski Dubai opened.

“We’re looking where else we can take it,” Mr Kostas told Arabian Business at a MAF rebranding launch, a key part of which is that the company has introduced a single ‘M’ logo for its corporate identity and, they say, a mark of quality.

“I think it would work wonderfully in Saudi Arabia. We’re looking for our first site and once we’ve got it, I’m sure, hopefully we’ll be able to open a Ski Dubai facility there as well.”

“Can it apply to Saudi Arabia? Can it apply to Oman? Can it apply to Bahrain?”

MAF’s $10bn assets currently include City Centre Malls, VOX Cinemas, Carrefour, Magic Planet, Najm Credit Cards, Ski Dubai and Mall of the Emirates and serves 250 million visitors each year.

SnowWorld Zoetermeer plans expansion
Posted Monday 6th January 2014, 11:49 am by ASC HQ
The city council of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands has approved the plans of Snow World for an extension of their third ski slope by 100m.

The current third –slope at the Dutch indoor snow centre will be extended by 100 metres to a total 300 metres.

The newly extended slope will also feature a viewing platform at the top which can be accessed from the slope and also with separate access for non-slope users, which will provide views across the region.

"We are delighted that we can now apply for the permit,” said Koos Hendriks (CEO of Snow World), “We have spent a lot of time and energy on this process and if all goes well we will open in September 2015 "

The planned investment in the extension of the third slope fits the growth plans of Snow World which also include the construction and operation of new sites in Barcelona and Paris.

On 12th December Snow World also obtained listing on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam which provides SnowWorld with access to capital markets and offers investors the opportunity to profit from investing in the company’s expansion.

World's largest indoor ski resort planned for Shanghai
Posted Saturday 7th December 2013, 11:38 am by ASC HQ
Singapore based developers KOP properties have announced plans to build the world’s largest indoor ski resort incorporating, ”the world's longest indoor ski trail,” at Shanghai in China.

So far no other details have been given for the project named Winterland Shanghai, except that it will offer a wide range of winter activities and associated property developments.

It has also been given a price tag of 13.5 billion yuan (S$2.8 billion) to build (£1.3 billion/$2 billion US).

The ski resort area will be connected to other facilities within the development including a water park, a tree-lined hiking trail and a "beach club" - an arena resembling a beach - at 100m above ground, the company’s Chairman Ong Chih Ching told The Straits Times.

Ong added that Winterland Shanghai will be the world’s only “integrated” indoor winter resort, meaning it will also include housing, office, retail and hotel space amid the attractions. The nearest comparison, she said, would be a 2.25ha indoor ski resort in Dubai called Ski Dubai.

“You can compare us with Dubai but in our case we are building a whole alpine village with ski-in ski-out hotels, restaurants and a half-pipe; while Dubai has one restaurant in the cold area with a penguin petting area,” said Ong.

Winterland Shanghai will be built on an 18ha piece of land in a new development zone in Shanghai with access to the city’s railway system, and cover a gross floor area of about 80ha.

The firm said it has signed a framework agreement with a local district government in Shanghai, and construction is expected to start in the third quarter of next year and finish by 2018.

KOP is known here for developing posh pads such as Hamilton Scotts in Orchard, whose units boast “sky garages” that let home owners park their cars next to the living room.

It also has resorts in Bali and Batam in Indonesia and hotels in London, and manages hotels, resorts and yachts through its KOP Hospitality arm.

The longest indoor slopes in the world at present are around 600 metres long and located at a separate centres in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Before the economic crash there was tale of creating a 1km long indoor slope at another city in China, and a 2km long slope at Abu Dhabi in the Middle east.

Shanghai previously operated a large indoor snow centre with a 330m long slope but it closed for ‘six months maintenance’ three years ago and has not re-opened.

An artist's impression. We could not be more stoked on that bank. PHOTO: KOP PROPERTIES

Finally an indoor slope for the Americas
Posted Monday 11th November 2013, 5:57 pm by Dunx
More than 20 years after the first indoor snow slope in the Americas was envisaged and more than five years after the first one was actually built (but so far never opened) an indoor snow centre has opened – in South America.

The new Snowland in Brazil incorporates an indoor ski slope, and offers more than 30 sliding activities including skiing, boarding, airboarding, tubing and sledging. There is also an indoor ice rink next to an indoor Alpine street complete with shops and restaurants. The complex is located in Gramado, in Brazil’s Serra Gaucha region.

Brazil has no real conventional ski area but the burgeoning Brazilian population, including a rapidly expanding middle class, are a major market for Argentinian and Chilean ski areas. Brazil does have an artificial surface ski slope and some of its higher mountains occasionally get snow cover – although there is no ski area.

An indoor snow centre was built five years ago in New Jersey, USA, after many projects in North America were mooted since the 1980s, but no other reached construction. Snow was made at the New Jersey indoor slope but the company then operating the large mall complex of which it was part went bankrupt before it could open. This may now finally open next year or in 2015 under new owners as American Dream Meadowlands.

The centre in Brazil is also one of two now operating in the southern hemisphere, joining snow planet in New Zealand. Other indoor snow centres have also operated in Australia in the past but none at present. Worldwide around 90 indoor snow centres have been built over the past 25 years, or which some 55 remain operational in more than 25 countries.

Of the new Brazilian slope, Teo Borzone the operations manager said "The ski slope is 17mts high and has a 130 metres long slope with about 30 metres of width.

We have an ice-age type of attraction where people get to walk in our Glacier where they find real size extinct animals such as mammoths which are robots and have movement and sound accordingly (very cool). We also have the biggest ice skating rink in Brasil with 544m2 to ice skate as well as two restaurants with capacity for 400 people each."

Rubbish clouds. Great sledge slope!

Thai billionaire plans indoor snow centre for Bangkok
Posted Sunday 10th November 2013, 6:12 pm by ASC HQ
Thailand’s third richest man, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, who runs a brewing empire and has a reported personal fortune of more than $10 billion fortune, is reported to have plans to build an indoor snow centre, similar to Ski Dubai, in Thai capital Bangkok.

The $32 million, 54,000-square foot facility, to be called ‘Snow Town’ will be accessed via a gondola across Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river, modelled on the Emirates Airline over the Thames in London, which will depart from the Asiatique shopping mall which Mr Sirivadhanabhakdi’s company opened in 2012.

The billionaire is reported to be in talks with investors regarding the project, which may open as soon as next year according to the reports.

Bangkok has hosted several small snow fun play areas over the past 20 years.

New investors take over planned Bahrain indoor snow slope
Posted Wednesday 23rd October 2013, 5:06 pm by ASC HQ
A proposed leisure complex incorporating an indoor snow slope, first mooted for Bahrain in 2007, is back on the cards.

The £32m project at the Muharraq Grand Garden, near Bahrain International Airport, was officially scrapped last June but was resurrected in an agreement between Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi and Bahraini investor Fouad Shuwaitar, according to a report by Gulf Daily News.

The theme park will also include an ice rink, aquarium, karting track, indoor sports arena, three-storey shopping centre, mosque, business centre and an old people’s home.

Gulf Daily News reports that new backers from India have enabled the project has now been fast-tracked into development by Bahrain’s Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalia.

Work is due to begin next February and is expected to take two and half years to complete. No details on the size of the ski slope have been announced.

Ski Dubai funds Antarctic penguin conservation
Posted Wednesday 9th October 2013, 10:13 am by ASC HQ
Ski Dubai, which is home to a group of captive penguins bred at sea world in the US, is donating over AED 500,000 to help fund a penguin research expedition.

The expedition is being led by Dr. Brent Stewart, a Senior Research Scientist at the Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute with over 25 years of experience, and will visit the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands beginning later this month.

Scheduled to start on October 14th, Dr Stewart will conduct a four-week in-depth studies of the penguin colonies for the development of long term education, research, and conservation plans.

“The project, which was developed in conjunction with Ski Dubai, is an extension of the Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai initiative, which seeks to educate people about snow penguins, their habitat and the importance of environmental awareness,” said a statement from the giant indoor snow centre in the desert.

Dr Stewart will spend a week at Ski Dubai to prepare for his journey and spend time with the colony of Gentoo and King Penguins, that call Ski Dubai their home. The Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai initiative was launched in January 2012 and has gone from strength to strength, even being recognized by the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) for the excellence of the program.

“Ski Dubai’s collaboration with Hubbs Sea World Research Institute on this project will enable us to gain new insight into the lives of snow penguins and continue to channel our efforts and mobilization of resources into the research and implementation of pro-conservation efforts. Ski Dubai has always led by example and we wanted to ensure that the next steps we take are impactful on an international level and contribute towards the longevity of animal research programs,” said Mr Omar El Banna, Marketing and Sales Director, Majid Al Futtaim Leisure & Entertainment.

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