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Vote for Whitelines cover as best of the year
Posted Friday 18th June 2010, 12:15 pm by Dunx
Are good friends over at Whitelines were stoked to find out they’d been short-listed as a finalist for a Maggie Award, the magazine equivalent of the Oscars.

The awards, which are given out for the best magazine covers in the industry, are pretty prestigious – they’re up against titles like Vogue and Hello.

The cover they submitted to the awards was the one from issue 82 – with Colum Mytton boosting off a big old kicker into the sunset. It was a pretty damn special shot by Vernon Deck from the Whitelines trip to Iceland.

Having made the final five in the sports category, their fate is now in your hands… the winner in the category (and the overall winner) will be chosen by a public vote.

So we know you’re probably sick to death of reading about voting, but unlike that unimportant election thingy they had recently, your vote is sure to count in this one!

Obviously Whitelines think theirs is the sickest cover in the competition, but we also reckon it’d be a great thing for UK snowboarding if they did well – I mean, no-one wants to see that Muscle & Fitness cover win do they?

So come on, get involved, and head over to and get voting. Let’s see if we can put the UK scene on the mainstream map!

Voting ends on Monday! So stop whatever you're doing and vote for Whitelines.

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