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New US girl Kaitlyn Farrington takes gold in women's halfpipe
Posted Wednesday 12th February 2014, 6:31 pm by Dunx
That's three freestyle snowboard golds out of four for team USA as Kaitlyn Farrington takes top spot in the women's snowboard halfpipe. Torah Bright took silver and Kelly Clark rounded out the top three with bronze. With only one point separating the top three, it was hard work for the judges. Torah certainly seemed to go bigger and more technical than Kaitlyn, but a couple of less-than-perfect landings may have been her undoing. Kelly Clark was last to drop and despite just nailing a grabbed 10, it was a scrappy run that bumped fellow countryman Hannah Teter down to fourth.

Kaitlyn Farrington, less technical and lower amplitude than Torah Bright

Kaitlyn qualified for the finals through the semi-finals route in first and only made it into the USA team right at the last minute.

Lovely McTwist from Torah Bright on her first hit

  1. Kaitlyn FARRINGTON (USA) 91.75
  2. Torah BRIGHT (AUS) 91.50
  3. Kelly CLARK (USA) 90.75
  4. Hannah TETER (USA) 90.50
  5. Rana OKADA (JPN) 85.50
  6. Xuetong CAI (CHN) 84.25
  7. Sophie RODRIGUEZ (FRA) 79.50
  8. Shuang LI (CHN) 73.25
  9. Jiayu LIU (CHN) 68.25
  10. Mirabelle THOVEX (FRA) 67.00
  11. Queralt CASTELLET (ESP) 61.75
  12. Ursina HALLER (SUI) 48.75

    The top four wait for Kelly Clark's second run score

    Full results here.

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