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WSC quarterpipe highlights
Posted Friday 24th February 2012, 2:48 pm by Dunx
It's been a few days since the inaugural World Snowboard Championships finished in Oslo... and we only managed to miss showing you the highlights of the quarterpipe!

The quarterpipe event went off at the Holmenkollen Ski Jump stadium where the competition featured a unique format that awarded riders for three different categories: best overall rider, highest air and best trick. Riders were reaching speeds of over 70 km/h on the in-run to the 10.5-meter quaterpipe. It was French rider Oliver Gittler who took the overall victory, Norwegian Kim Rune Hansen won best trick and Terje Haakonsen claimed the highest air of the night.

The contest kicked off with a semi-final round where a field of 20 riders was knocked down to 8 finalists who had five runs with the best three counting towards the overall title. Judges were looking at a combination of amplitude and style and Oliver Gittler's consistent and large McTwists earned him $30,000 USD for the overall best rider of the night. Norwegian rider, Kim Rune Hansen, took second place overall with some nicely controlled huge backside airs, but impressed the crowd and the judges with his double backside rodeo to take the best trick award and $15,000 USD. And, it was snowboarding legend, Terje Haakonsen, who claimed the $20,000 USD for the lofty 7.7-meter method he threw down on the quarterpipe.

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