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Scottish update for the weekend
Posted Friday 3rd February 2012, 10:48 am by Dunx
With the temperature dropping and looking likely to stay below freezing over the weekend, we're expecting a dusting of new snow. If you're looking to stay out of the wind, Glencoe & Nevis are probably the places to be on Saturday, but in all resorts it will still be manageable particularly on Sunday and into the beginning of next week. The snow base is still best at Glencoe, but other resorts have been snowmaking that has opened up some more runs. Snow that fell in the wind over the last week or so has drifted and you may well find some pockets of powder if you look hard.


If you're looking for park features this weekend you really have a couple of options... Cairngorm has a handful of rails and boxes out on the Coire Cas, but the Ptarmigan park isn't up and running just yet. Glenshee have a good range of their awesome boxes and rails out in preparation for the Highlander Comp on Saturday which should be a great event. As yet, other resorts have either very limited or no park set up.


As a result of the wind, snow has been and will be blown around forming moderately bonded windslab on steeper slopes and other variable terrain. The avalanche hazard for most areas is judged to be Moderate, but you should always check the latest reports for the specific area you are riding in on the day and stay safe. More information is available on the SAIS website.


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