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Park for this year at Nevis
Posted Wednesday 11th January 2012, 9:56 pm by Dunx
The weather has been poor at best so far with just a couple of really good days, but it's not all doom and gloom. The park build has started with the "West Coast Park Project" similar to that at Glencoe last year, with a bigger crew, more resources and bigger area.

They plan to run a number of freeride events this year and are working with Snowsports Scotland to provide coaching for all the aspiring young groms.

Nevis will be putting a mini park out at the summit this weekend, so here's the plan, although this hasn't been 100% confirmed yet.

Nevis is keen to find any sponsors that would like to sponsor a feature in the park. If you can buy the materials, Nevis will take care of the fabrication and maintenance and keep it branded with the sponsor's and Nevis's logos.

The back corries still have good snow cover too as you can see from this shot taken on Tuesday.

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