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Glencoe Mountain update
Posted Friday 30th December 2011, 6:33 pm by Dunx
Glencoe Mountain Update - 30th Dec 2011

Heavy snow has been falling over the last 3 days massively improving conditions on the mountain after last weeks thaw. However the very strong winds have meant that the snow has ended up blowing into the gullies and not on the tow tracks where we need it.

This is great for building up a long term base for the season but the strong winds are currently frustrating our efforts to open for snowsports.


The forecast is for a period of milder weather tomorrow (Saturday) which might actually be a good thing as it will saturate the snow so that it stops blowing away in the strong winds.

Into Sunday and beyond the forecast is for lots more snow but unfortunately also high winds.

It may be the high winds not a lack of snow that prevents us operating during the first few days of the New Year. We will keep you posted.

For the very latest conditions reports go to the glencoe website click here


The amazing conditions we had earlier this month have been captured on video

Main Basin and the wall - 16th Dec 2011

East Ridge, Baillies & Flypaper Area - 15th Dec 2011

Lets hope it's not long until we see conditions like this again - Andy and The Team at Glencoe Mountain.

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