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Lake District Ski Club celebrates 75 years with a new loo
Posted Monday 19th December 2011, 3:57 pm by Dunx
One of England’s highest flushing loos has been completed and christened in a mountain ceremony with a difference.

Standing at 2,500ft on the flanks of Raise near Helvellyn – the Lake District’s third highest mountain – this is no bog standard privy.

In fact, it has taken 75 years to bring the convenience to one of the most inconvenient locations in the land. But then the water closet’s creator, Lake District Ski Club, thrives on endurance – and challenge.

The Powder Room mission unleashed a chain reaction among the club’s 240 members, many of whom helped with the project. It comes after seven and half decades of skiing on Raise.

Carrying much of the equipment by hand – including the septic tank – up a steep fellside was a huge undertaking, according to committee member, Roger Newbold.

“Although the ultimate loo with a view had been in our minds for a great many years, the logistics of getting planning permission, putting up a building and organising the plumbing was far from easy.

“However, it is testimony to the true grit of our members that in 300 hours over 38 working days the seemingly impossible was achieved.”

“I guess this brings a whole new meaning to toilet training and we’re inordinately proud to have pulled-off this amazing feat in our anniversary year.

“We think there is only one higher flushing lavatory and that’s in the Civil Aviation Authority’s radar building on Great Dun Fell, near Penrith.”

Leading the project was club stalwart, Bernie Warriner, nearing his 80th birthday, and the man behind the “Lake District premier ski resort’s” remarkable tow and members’ hut.

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