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Power back at Glencoe for tomorrow
Posted Thursday 15th December 2011, 1:08 pm by Dunx
We have some great news Scottish Hydro have now guaranteed us power for tomorrow and have sited a 1MW generator on site just to make sure.

We anticipate having the Access Chair, Wall T-bar and Main Basin T-bar running first thing with the cliffy opening if needed. This will allow you to access the whole mountain.

Ski hire will be open but ski school will not open until the 17th Dec.

Conditions on the mountain are exceptional for this time of year. The pictures below show the mountain before the major storm on Tuesday during which we estimate an additional 24 -36 inches of snow fell.

If you don't believe how much snow has fallen then check out the picture of our Land Rover Discovery on Winterhighland. Just two days ago this vehicle was sitting on the surface of the snow.

We expect all the main runs on the mountain to be open with the exception of the flypaper (High Avalanche risk) and you can ski to the carpark. The carpark run is in great condition with a wide and deep cover other than the bottom 150 metres or so which is a bit wet and sugary.

A full run report will be issued by Ski Patrol early tomorrow morning.

The weather for tomorrow is looking good with a light westerly wind and the occasional snow shower.

We look forward to seeing you on the hill tomorrow.

The next report will be posted on Friday morning.

Andy & The Team at Glencoe Mountain

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