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Glencoe Mountain Update - Tuesday 13th Dec
Posted Tuesday 13th December 2011, 12:29 pm by Dunx

A loaded main basin

Power has now been restored to the mountain and we expect when the wind dies down to have all lifts open other than the Poma which needs a little more TLC before it will run.


When the Poma shed was destroyed the control panel and power meters were left out overnight in a snowdrift. We are now slowly drying out the electronics and will be working over the next few days to get everything re-connected. Unfortunately the power for the top of the access chair and the workshop also came from this shed hence the reason why the webcams which are situated in this area are not working yet.


The summit and SSC hut cameras are on a vodaphone dongle and while we are getting weather data through we still aren't getting any pictures. This may fix itself once the Hydro resolve all the power issues in the area.
The main camera at the top of the access chair will be out for a few more days until it is safe to re-connect everything in the Poma shed. The only camera we currently have working is the one in the base station cafe which shows a good cover of snow all the way to the carpark.

Snow conditions

On Sunday when I was up the hill the snow cover looked more like what you would expect in late Feb.

From Mugs Alley looking towards the Spring run

All main runs are full and wide with a combination of packed powder with the occasional windscoured area. Overnight last night we had a heavy fall of snow all the way to the carpark with lots more snow forecast for this evening. Some forecast models show around 1/2metre of snow falling today.

With heavy snow falling to the carpark overnight we expect the carpark run to have further improved so when we do open we expect summit to car park riding to be available.

The carpark run on Sunday

Weather forecast

Tomorrow (Wednesday) looks like being windy but we will be doing everything we can to open the resort so that you can get a chance to ski what promises to be some pretty impressive conditions.

Thursday looks like being a calm day with isolated snow showers.

Friday could be stormy or could end up just being breezy - there seems to be no real consensus on the weather for Friday - keep tuned to our website for latest updates.

The Weekend looks like it will be much calmer with snow showers and very cold temperatures.

Thank you for all your patience and support over the last week. We really appreciate it.

We look forward to seeing you on the hill very soon.

The Team at Glencoe Mountain and used with permission.

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