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£40 off Westbeach with charity jacket exchange
Posted Wednesday 2nd November 2011, 4:25 pm by Dunx

Westbeach are proud to be working with British Heart Foundation and announce the start of an online only, National Winter Jacket Exchange Programme.

With a large proportion of people owning a surplus of winter jackets that hang unwanted and unloved at the back of the wardrobe, Westbeach is encouraging you to give your unwanted jackets a new home whilst also raising money for a fantastic cause.

This promotion will be running online and Westbeach will donate all jackets received to the British Heart Foundation.

For handing in your old winter jacket, any type or brand, Westbeach will give you a £40 discount voucher that can be used on our website against any current season men's or women’s jacket.

In addition for each voucher used, Westbeach will donate a further £10 to British Heart Foundation.

We love simple - So we made it simple!

Westbeach has tried to make everything as easy as possible for you and have even arranged it so that it is free to send in your old jacket.

So just by handing in any old unwanted winter jacket you may have lying around you will not only be donating a jacket and aiding a £10 donation but also be receive a voucher for a brand new jacket from Westbeach

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