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Snowboard Insurance & Ski Insurance - Winter, Season and Annual Travel Insurance for Snowboarding & Skiing

Update January 2013 - We are still unable to provide our own SCUK policy, however we are working with a potential partner to underwrite our own policy, but this won't be ready for the 2012/13 season.

In the meantime we've managed to arrange a SCUK members discount with several insurance providers that you might be interested in. (We'd love to recommend and provide more information about each but FSA regulations permit us from doing so). Always read the small print, most have something to say.


INSURANCE discounts

Members Save 10% (Visitors 5%) on your ski/snowboard travel insurance with DOGTAG

About DOGTAG: DOGTAG 100% Proof Travel Insurance* Award winning travel insurance for action-minded travellers. The unique Dogtag ID system that means:

  • Carry evidence of your insurance and rescue contacts on your person.
  • Your rescuer can access vital medical info & insurance details online.
  • 24/7 travel emergency service starts managing your situation fast.

No paperwork to carry, the natural choice for adventure travel

Dog Tag offer a great policy that covers snowboarders (and freestyle skiers) for what they do, whether that's on piste, off piste or in the park. There's various flavours; Sport, Sport+ and Extreme to cover a multitude of different activities for summer and winter, plus the flexibility to choose different levels of cover to suit your budget. All round it offers flexibility, great value for money.d.

Dog Tag Policy options include:

  • Individual, couple, single parent and family policies
  • Annual Multi Trip, Single Trip, Long stay policies
  • Wintersports cover in Annual Multi Trip (17, 24, 31 days)
  • 10, 17, 24, 31 days and longer trip cover available
  • Europe and/or Worldwide coverage
  • Three different levels of sport cover; Sport, Sport+ and Extreme
  • Choose the policy limits to fit your budget/ requirements with "BASE", "PRO" and "MAX"
  • Covers you summer activities too, plus specific enhanced extensions for golf, scuba-diving, sailing and business.
  • Best of all, you get a cool Dog Tag with all your insurance information on.

As a valued SCUK visitor we've arranged you a special 5% discount.Get a quote today! (Members get 10% logged in below)

You must be a member to see how to claim the 10% discount.

Members Save 5% on your ski/snowboard travel insurance with Columbus Ski Insurance

About Columbus Ski Insurance: Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner, Columbus Ski insurance can offer you comprehensive ski insurance at great prices and as a Snowboard Club member you can save 5% on all travel insurance. Columbus policies offer great flexibility and 3 levels of cover to choose from, with each level designed for a variety of customers' needs and abilities.

So make sure you enjoy the slopes to the full this winter Get a quote today on your travel insurance at the Columbus website

You must be a member to see how to claim this discount.

Members Save 10% on your ski/snowboard travel insurance with ERV

About ERV: Heading for the slopes this winter? Looking for Specialist Winter Sports Insurance for snowboarding? Then checkout ERV who have specialist Winter sports products.

How does it work?
1) Choose your base cover: Red or Black for both Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip policies
2) Choose your product level: Rookie, Adventurer or Pro depending what you need from your insurance. Each base cover provides you with the Rookie product, and then you can choose to upgrade to Adventure or Pro if you demand more from your sport.

We at ERV know that when you book your trip thereís a variety of things that you want to do dependant on your level and ambition. Thatís why they offer 3 tailored products to suit snowboarding enthusiasts like you: Rookie, Adventurer or Pro.

Rookie: Ideal for families or individuals that want to spend time cruising the groomers and perfecting those carved turns.

Adventurer: Love going off piste? Some insurance policies may not cover you for off piste snowboarding with a professional guide, but we know that off-piste / free ride / back country is the holy grail for most snow sports enthusiasts out there.

Pro: If youíre the type of rider who is experienced enough to ride the back country without a guide, you live for finding that perfect untouched powder away from the busy slopes and tracked out slope side snow. Our pro level of insurance also encompasses back country touring, heli skiing, cat-skiing and now park and pipe as well.

So make sure you enjoy the slopes to the full this winter Get a quote today!

You must be a member to claim the 10% discount.

Other INSURANCE options

Club Direct

About Club Direct: Winter sports insurance from Club Direct starts at just £11.07

See, Snowboard Club UK treats you right! Join the gang!




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