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klang180 - Apr 22, 2012 - 04:47 PM
Post subject: Lake Tahoe
Hello SCUK'ers

Now i know i have been going on about Whistler or Mammoth for 3mths to a season next year but i just noticed all of the resorts in the Lake Tahoe area and wondered how far they are from each other?

The reason i ask is i am thinking about basing in one of the Tahoe resorts and getting a lift pass for all of them and hitting them all at various times throughout my 90 day (max) period there.

So my questions are:

A. What is the distance from resort to resort?
B. Which of the LT resorts is best to base in?
C. Is this a worse plan than just staying in Mammoth/June for the same amount of time?

Opinions very much appreciated.
buttersnow - Apr 22, 2012 - 06:08 PM
Post subject: RE: Lake Tahoe
Good idea thinking abouth the Lake I spent 8months in that area

A: you can hit up kirkwood in about an hour if the conditions are good , Squaw is about an hour also and Northstar 1 hour30mins.

B: I'd base at south lake tahoe as you'd be more in the middle. Sweet area to live in and Heavenly is pretty epic !

C: THEN hit up mamoth towards the end of the season Wink
rob_vet69 - Apr 22, 2012 - 07:13 PM
Post subject: RE: Lake Tahoe
Pretty much agree with what's just been said above!

I would also personally stay if South Lake Tahoe if going for that length of time, but I would err toward the California side of the town. The Nevada side is seriously tacky! The Heavenly gondola leaves from the middle of the village area so right on the doorstep of the main hotel area, but there's also loads of apartments etc up near the California Lodge and a smaller number down at Stagecoach. The bus system is also pretty reliable so TBH probably doesn't matter too much where in the town you are.

Heavenly itself is actually a very big area - I think it's actually slightly bigger than Mammoth in terms of acreage, though Mammoth has more runs. There's good runs of both sides of the stateline and vastly differing views, certainly has a lot to offer.

Personally, Kirkwood was my favourite area of the 3 we visited - it's about a 50 minute drive from Heavenly. Much quieter town though,so I wouldn't stay there as a base. That will probably change over the next few years though, now that Vail has taken it over.

Sqauw (and Alpine Meadows because it's right next door) is about 1hr 15 mins. Squaw actually has the nicest village area of the 3 - much more classic village-style, but again I wouldn't stay there as it'll be more expensive. It was also the busiest of the 3 areas we visited, but in staying that the maximum queue we had was still only 5 minutes - sweet!

Not been to Northstar, but heard good things and Sierra is also highly rated. Then you've also got Mount Rose, Sugar Bowl, Homewood and some other smaller ones....

If it were me in your position? I think I'd consider splitting me time between Tahoe and Mammoth, with more time spent in the latter. I just loved the fact Mammoth of was quiet and I preferred the vibe in Mammoth Lakes. But then I don't really go out there to party - if you're doing that, Tahoe certainly has more to offer on that fornt.

What time of year you heading out? If you're going out early season it probably doesn't matter where you start but if you're heading out February, definitely do Tahoe first as the Mammoth season generally runs into late May/early June.

Mammoth is still the best one area though IMO...
klang180 - Apr 22, 2012 - 08:14 PM
Post subject: RE: Lake Tahoe
Awesome thanks so much, this is exactly the reason i posted this question here!

Tahoe is defo on the agenda now and the split between there and Mammoth tempting with the only real issue being the extra cost in lift pass and accommodation, a bit of a big issue really!

Looks like an amazing area to board though and somewhere i need to go at some point!

Any idea on what to expect to pay for accommodation in South Tahoe and will a 1-2-3month period be possible or are we looking at either week long or 6-12months?
Bailz - Apr 23, 2012 - 02:13 AM
Post subject:
Just watch out for meteors!! Surprised Wink ... ses-92465/
kriss - May 14, 2012 - 09:23 PM
Post subject:
I was at Tahoe this year, it's amazing! we were based at South Lake Tahoe, and did
Apline Meadows
Sierra at Tahoe

At south lake, your travel time depends if emerald bay gets closed or not, if it does then you need to go through Incline Village etc, about 1hr 30 - 2hrs to Northstar.

The roads are pretty sketchy so you'd defo need a 4wd or a car with good chains and tyres.

I'd move there in a heartbeat!!! <3 it
Uddie - May 21, 2012 - 11:23 PM
Post subject:
Hey guys,
In the very early stages of planning a big boarding holiday. (this shall not be taking place before 2012 lol)

Anyway, I want to hit up lake tahoe, as it look immense. Some of the guys likely to come are big fans of the casino and nightlife so it seems south is the place to be. with Heavenly as a base. Agreed?

This is all my brain child so it could actually end up just being me on my lonesome lol. But im set on doing it. Anyway, i was thinking 2 weeks. 10 days boarding with some time at San Fran either at the start or end. Any ideas on where i could book this or even if this is an incredibly stupid idea lol.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers.
bong69uk - May 24, 2012 - 03:25 AM
Post subject:
Im jealous ^^^ , can i tag along? Angelic
DaveG77 - May 24, 2012 - 07:52 AM
Post subject:
Same ^^^^
Limz - May 24, 2012 - 09:36 AM
Post subject:
Uddie wrote:
Any ideas on where i could book this or even if this is an incredibly stupid idea lol.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers.

Two options (there are plenty more)

Book through a tour operator, virgin ski for example.

Or book your flight to San Fran, as soon as you can. Flight prices will be cheaper now and only increase in price.

Car, hotel and lift tickets...all very easy to organise.

So you need to set a date for when you want to go, get every one to agree and take a non refundable deposit, then you'll see who's really game!
rob_vet69 - May 24, 2012 - 10:01 PM
Post subject:
Ok here's how we did it in March.

Flew Heathrow to San Fran on 1st Saturday- good option as you leave mid morning and get there just after lunchtime so you get most of your first day in San Fran. We spent the first 2 days there. Argonaut Hotel comes highly recommended.

Monday - picked up hire car and drove to Heavenly (approx 5 hours, stopped in Sacramento for lunch.) Drive out of San Fran is pretty cool going across Golden Gate Bridge. We stayed in the Mont Bleu Casino in South Lake Tahoe which to be honest was a total dive; seriously tacky and in bad need of a facelift. It was dirt cheap though and they did $99 cent tacos and $2 beer all afternoon which is pretty sweet for apres. Also a slightly cool feeling about walking across the casino floor with a board on your back. We reckoned Harrahs was probably the nicest of the casinos, but even then be prepared for bling and tackniness.

We stayed 6 nights here and hit Heavenly for 3 days, Kirkwood for 2 and Sqauw for 1 on the Lake tahoe pass - more about the pass later.

Next stop Mammoth - about a 4 hour drive (we went from Kirkwood after a days riding) 4 nights here in Sierra Nevada Lodge (again highly recommended hotel) As I have previously stated on other threads, Mammoth is seriously awesome and I would highly advise a visit. In fact I would quite happily spend 2 weeks there and more (so another option you may want to look at is Mammoth and Vegas?)

Final stop was Vegas - 6 & 1/2 hour drive if you take the direct route, but we took a detour via Death Vally so were about 10 hours after we had stopped for lunch near Mount Whitney etc. Spent 2 nights in Vegas and flew back to Manchester on the Sunday.

All this was booked with Virgin - TBH they market themselves as being royalty when it comes to holiday bookings but I've had less hassle with other companies. Crystal are certainly better for skiing and Kuoni knock the pants off them in all areas for world travel in general. But they were ok, just ran into some issues with getting the right lift pass and also getting charged for excess luggage on our internal flights to London when they said it would be free.

Cost was 1800 per person - we had about 650 in clubcard vouchers so took this off the price so ended up paying 1475 each (included 2 for 1 complete Lake Tahoe pass for 6 days and 2 for 1 Mammoth/June Mountain pass for 4 days and also free upgrade to Platinum car package with free insurance waiver and Sat Nav.) If there are more than 2 of you, you will need to upgrade your car again to the biggest SUV they have if you are taking your own boards. The small SUVs aren't big enough for 4 cases and 4 boards even with a board rack (rack only takes 2 boards.)

However you decide to do it, this is a truly epic holiday and once you've ridden in the US you will want to go back every year. I'm not far off finishing my Go Pro edit of our trip, I should have it up on You Tube in the next couple of weeks so I'll post a link. You'll be amazed at the scenary but also just how quiet the slopes are - beats the pants of Europe if you ask me. We're already eyeing up a return to Mammoth or poss a trip to Jackson Hole for next year.

If you need any more details feel free to PM me. and good luck!
kriss - May 25, 2012 - 10:07 PM
Post subject:
heres what we did.

flew from Aberdeen to London, London to SFO.

Picked up a rental car(don't under estimate how big a car you will need!!), we had a chevy tahoe - awesome truck.

Drove from SFO to Lake Tahoe - we got there at 9 at night in the dark!! Try get an evening flight out of London so you arrive during the day in SFO, incase the weather is sketchy I wouldn't fancy driving into Tahoe in the black and snow!!

We used - Alamo for rental

Then we stayed at the Rodeway Inn Casino centre, which is pretty much on the border of nevada/california, I think the road is called Stateline. It's a no frills, no big bills apartment complex, bathroom, bedroom, bed! and a hot tub outside Very Happy

For lift tickets we bought the Tahoe 6 pack which lets you go to any six resorts from a selection, it's like a school dinner ticket pack, if I were going again I'd get the same, figure out your favorite resorts and just buy a daily ticket there and then.

We never really went out out in Tahoe, the casinos are superbly tacky, the one night we did go out, everything shut about 12, Cabo Wabo, Fire and Ice, only the Casinos open and Hard Rock(worst one I've been to yet).

We then went back to SFO, drove down to LA, drove to Vegas then home.

Rough costs were

Flights - 650 each (as we booked the physical seats a year in advance - 30, plus we booked extra luggage)

Hotel - The rodeway inn worked out about 35-50 a night

Truck - This was pretty expensive(16mpg Very Happy ) - 400 for 7 days

6 Pack tickets - 150ish

Food in and around Tahoe is pretty reasonable, the irish bar nachos are immense! although the bar it's self is pretty ghetto.

If you want any more info PM me, were looking to do an easy cost version possibly 2014
munki7 - May 26, 2012 - 08:18 PM
Post subject:
+1 for Tahoe
We went this year and it was immense for all the above reasons even tho we didn't have the best snow (this year sucked until mid feb - gutted Sad)
booked all the bits independently it's totally do-able - flight BA from Heathrow, 3 nights SF, fly to Seattle, 6 nights there, back to Sf then drive to Tahoe for a week.
We too were based nr stateline on Cali side Big Pines was pretty basic but did the job! And near mcP's the Irish pub haha it was the best place we found I must be ghetto!
Hotel was also near heavenly gondola but we preferred Northstar and Kirkwood of the places we went to - but if you have a car you will go to a few resorts and find your favourite!
As above I really wanna go back to US as soon as possible!
rob_vet69 - May 26, 2012 - 10:58 PM
Post subject:
McPs is certainly a good laugh - not sure about the 'lean-to' seating bit upstairs though, made me a little seasick! Also liked Stateline Brewery across the road for food and ales. I wasn't so fussed on Fire & Ice - ok for a beer after the gondola but food was a bit of a rip off (despite the novelty cooking grill thing.)

I think Kirkwood was probably my favourite area (didn't get to Northstar) but loved Heavenly and Squaw as well.
munki7 - May 27, 2012 - 04:28 PM
Post subject:
Fire and ice was a bit of a rip off outside happy hour I thought... Only found stateline on last day cos it didn't look much from the outside but was good.
Mmm so many craft beers... I want to go back Sad
kriss - May 28, 2012 - 01:18 PM
Post subject:
the "extension" on McPs must have gone through some rigorous planning permission and approval! Very Happy

kirkwood > squaw > alpine > sierra > northstar > heavenly

but that was completely dependant on snow,
rob_vet69 - May 28, 2012 - 04:11 PM
Post subject:
We got really good pow at Heavenly first 2 days - even the locals were impressed, they were saying it was a lot fluffier than the "Tahoe treacle" they often get. Made for some sweet tree-riding. For me (riding wise) it was :

Kirkwood > Heavenly > Squaw

Don't get me wrong though, Squaw is still a fabulous area though and The Village there was the nicest of the lot. The only downer for me was that there were some stuck-up Prada wearing ski types there. Kirkwood had a really nice 'local' feel to it - not for the faint-hearted though with those lifts without bars!
kriss - May 28, 2012 - 11:32 PM
Post subject:
I forgot all about the Chairs at Kirkwood, there were a few arseholes cooler than you shop workers there.
Uddie - May 29, 2012 - 04:26 PM
Post subject:
Wow thanks for all the info guys, what a great help. Sorry its taken so long to get back here. Been a VERY hectic week.

Now just need to round up some people. I will post here to see if anyone fancies joining me and whoever else i can prod in to it lol. The more the merrier. Smile
KennyG - Aug 21, 2012 - 10:12 PM
Post subject:
Going to Lake Tahoe in late Jan/Feb 2013 for a couple of weeks. Planning a couple of nights in San Francisco then driving over to Lake Tahoe for 8 or 9 days riding.

Have only booked the flights so far and need to look into everything else but from my small amount of research so far I'm thinking we'll be based in South Lake Tahoe and riding out of Heavenly, Squaw (these are the only resorts Ive looked into so far. Possibly include a couple of nights staying near Mammoth as well as it looks like a pretty long drive from Lake Tahoe??

So, I've got a few questions, alot of ideas already from what has been posted but here goes:

Car rental - there are 4 lads going so that means a lot of luggage - cases and board bags each. Im guessing we are going to need at least a medium sized SUV, does anyone have any recommendations on truck size and cheap rental companies out of San Fran airport? Also, do you need to book roof racks and snow chains or is this included or needed??

Hotels- we have a few ideas on cheap hotels but any recommendations would be good - looking for cheap and cheerful to keep costs down.

Lift pass - are there any deals to look out for, I've heard something about an area pass?

Any other tips or advice greatly appreciated. Needless to say I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas, only 5 months count down! Laughing
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